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Hicom 150e Office

hicom 150e office


Hicom® 150 E provides the optimum
communication system based on Euro-
ISDN technology (DSS1) for digital and
analog trunk and subscriber line interfaces.
Depending on the system variant concerned,
it is possible to implement configurations
of up to twenty subscribers
that will meet all the communication requirements
of smaller and mediumsized
Interactive user guidance based on displays
and dialog keys increases the
speed and ease with whch the optiset
E digital system telephone features can
be activated.
Using the flexible adapter concept
means that you can connect a wide variety
of add-on devices directly to
optiset E telephones. Individual workstations
can thus keep pace with continuously
changing requirements.
A universal software concept offers
companies of all sizes a professional
range of features.
In the case of branch concepts, networking
with other systems is achieved
by means of the optimized networking
protocols CorNet N and QSIG (Office-
Point only).
Individual industry solutions are integrated
as modules in the system or connected
via open interfaces.
Hicom 150 E is a communication system
that sets up the most cost-effective
connection, in relation to time and
route, via selected carriers, using leastcost
routing (LCR).

  • Hicom 150 E OfficePoint configurationOPTISET STANDARD

Analog station (a/b) max.4
Digital station (UP0/E) max. 16
Analog station (a/b) max.12
Digital station (UP0/E) max. 8
Data terminal max. 16
Trunk connection (loop start, ISDN) max. 8 channels
Mixed configuration possible on the trunk side with analog (loop start) and ISDN ports.
Number of stations max. 20
Cordless cordless S
Colour of housing warm grey
Dimensions H x W x D (in mm) 450 x 460 x 130
Weight approx. 6 kg
Software IM-Version 1.0

Siemens Hicom 150E Office PSU:
PSU  HICOM150ESiemens Hicom 150E psu

PDF Available for download:

pdf hicom150 officecom

pdf hicom 150e_v10_en_0300_datasheet