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Hipath OpenOffice ME

HiPath OpenOffice ME is a solution for unified communications with integrated applications, incl. Presence and Messaging functions and conference management. HiPath OpenOffice ME is easy to operate and provides integrated services for mobility, voice and data for small and medium-size companies with 20-150 stations.

HiPath OpenOffice ME provides:OpenOfficeME-box

  • Unified Communications Applications
  • Mobility options for mobile employees
  • Services for Voice and Data
  • Open interfaces for the integration of external applications
  • Description within this article refers to HiPath OpenOffice ME V1

This section gives you an overview over the most important features of the HiPath OpenOffice ME platform.

Unified Commmunication applications (OpenScape Office)

Example screenshot of the myPortal software
OpenScape Office includes the unified communications applications integrated in HiPath OpenOffice ME with the convenient user portals myPortal, myPortal for Outlook and myAttendant. It can be easily managed by administrators via the web-based HiPath OpenOffice Assistant.

OpenScape Office provides a wide range of functions via the following user portals:

  • myPortal: User portal for accessing the unified communication functions. Apart from information on the presence status, convenient dialing aids via favorites and phone directories, subscribers can access voicemails and faxes.
  • myPortal for Outlook: User portal integrated in Microsoft Outlook for accessing unified communications functions analogous to myPortal. myPortal for Outlook also provides a Desktop Dialer.
  • myAttendant: Offers selective subscribers a user-friendly attendant, including information the Presence status.
Application’s search function without results

Microsoft Outlook sometimes opens too many search folders if multiple .pst files are assigned to one email account. In this case OutlookIntegration’s search function fails and returns no results.

To fix this problem, a tool named PublicFixSearchFolders can be used.

PublicFixSearchFolders.exe is a freeware application and comes without any warranty. Please use with care and at own risk. It is highly recommended before executing PublicFixSearchFolder.exe to create a backup of the target .pst.

Run the application and expand the Store/s via +. Select Personal Folders on the left pane. It will display the corrupted search folders in the right pane. Choose all or some and confirm with delete button.

Mobility options for mobile employees

HiPath OpenOffice ME provides a variety of services such as WLAN functionality, Hot Desking and mobile telephony integration to optimally support the deployment of mobile employees.

The following mobile deployment scenarios are supported:

Mobility on the company premises

  • WLAN for subscribers who do not want to be chained to their desks Works with data and voice
  • Hot Desking (i.e., where multiple mobile employees share a workplace)

Mobile work / teleworking from outside the company premises

  • Mobile phone integration (Mobility Entry) for access from a mobile phone to the telephony functions of HiPath OpenOffice ME, e.g., transferring calls, toggling between two calls, initiating a conference and One Number Service (the subscriber can be reached via one call number).
  • One voicemail box for voice and fax messages
  • Personal notifications, e.g., via SMS for incoming voice or fax messages
  • Updating of presence status from any phone, even an external one
  • CallMe service (myPortal and myPortal for Outlook) to benefit from favorable company rates
  • VPN connection for voice and data (PC client)
Services for Voice and Data

HiPath OpenOffice ME offers several voice features such as conferencing, team functions and functions for setting up and operating a data network, for example. Security functions protect the network against attacks and allow data to be transmitted securely over the network.

Features for different topic areas:

  • Calling, dialing, setting up connections (e.g., speed dial or dialing from phone directories/LDAP directory and call journals)
  • Call Signaling, Calling Line ID
  • Functions during the call (e.g., hold, forward and transfer)
  • Speeding up the communication flow (e.g., call waiting and callback)
  • Conferences
  • Controlling availability (e.g., call forwarding and call forwarding – no answer (CFNA)
  • Easy operation (e.g., resetting activated features and DISA)
  • Working in the team (e.g., call pickup group, hunt group and executive/secretariat)
  • Call distribution (UCD)
  • Security at the phone (e.g., lock code, hotline and emergency calls)

Network and Security functions:

  • Internet access with up to 50 Gbit/sec.
  • Router functionality, incl., e.g.: DHCP, DNS, DynDNS, NAT
  • VLAN
  • Security functions such as VPN and Firewall, incl. URL Blocker and IDS
HiPath OpenOffice Assistant

The HiPath OpenOffice Assistant enables you to quickly and easily install and centrally administer the communication system with its applications, including any connected devices such as telephones.

HiPath OpenOffice Assistant does not require you to have any great expertise, since wizards are available to guide you through all the necessary steps. In Expert mode, trained service technicians have direct access to all settings, that is, not via wizards.

You can use the HiPath OpenOffice Assistant User Management and user profiles to assign different classes of service for administration tasks to different users. The HiPath OpenOffice Assistant is platform-independent and runs on all common operating systems.

Open Interfaces

HiPath OpenOffice ME provides open interfaces for the integration of external applications.

  • Physical Interfaces (LAN, USB, S0, S2M, a/b)
  • Logical Interfaces (CSTA protocol, Protocol for call detail records, SIP, DSS1)
  • API (Microsoft TAPI 2.1, Web Server Interface)
  • Interface for integrating Web-based applications (http(s))
  • External applications are certified via the HiPath Ready program.
System Configuration

Depending on the system configuration, HiPath OpenOffice ME can be used as a one-box system or as a multibox system. Every system box can be equipped with up to three gateway modules. The number of system boxes and gateway modules determines the number of available stations and interfaces.

HiPath OpenOffice ME system box


  • Every system box includes a motherboard.
  • Each system box can be equipped with a maximum of 3 gateway modules.

One-box system

A one-box system consists of one system box.

Multibox system

Multibox systems consist of two or three system boxes. One central box and one or two expansion boxes.

The multibox system has a central database and is administered centrally.

Station configuration in one-box and multibox systems

The station configuration of HiPath OpenOffice ME depends on the number of system boxes.

  • One system box = up to 50 stations
  • Two system boxes = up to 100 stations
  • Three system boxes = up to 150 stations
Connectable Devices


IP phones

  • OpenStage system phones (HFA): OpenStage 20 E, OpenStage 20, OpenStage 20 G, OpenStage 40, OpenStage 40 G, OpenStage 60, OpenStage 60 G, OpenStage 80, OpenStage 80 G
  • optiPoint system phones (HFA): optiPoint 410 entry, optiPoint 410 economy, optiPoint 410 economy plus, optiPoint 410 standard, optiPoint 410 advance and optiPoint 420 economy, optiPoint 420 economy plus, optiPoint 420 standard, optiPoint 420 advance
  • Optional add-on devices: OpenStage Key Module, OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40, optiPoint key module, optiPoint self labelling key module, optiPoint application module, optiPoint BLF

WLAN phone
The optiPoint WL2 professional phone can be optionally connected and operated via the following Access Points and Controllers:

  • HiPath Wireless Standalone Access Point AP 2630 (cordless with internal antenna) or AP 2640 (cordless with external antenna). No more than six WL2 professionals can be connected to each access point (AP), and up to ten access points can be operated.
  • HiPath Wireless Convergence Software (WLAN controller solution) for larger configurations

DECT phones
HiPath Cordless IP is a campus-wide mobility solution with the following mobile components:

  • Gigaset S3 professional
  • Gigaset SL3 professional
  • Gigaset M2 professional

DECT phones are integrated via SIP. The scope of features is restricted accordingly. Furthermore, they cannot be used with OpenScape Office.

  • PC client (optiClient 130)
  • SIP phone / IP Adapter

HiPath OpenOffice ME V1 supports an SIP interface for connecting SIP devices from third-party vendors.
The following devices have already been certified:

  • optiPoint 150 S
  • AP 1120 S (for connecting 2 analog phones or fax devices)

The operation of further SIP devices must be certified within the framework of the HiPath Ready program.

  • Nokia Eseries phone

Analog terminals
ISDN terminals

IP adapter

HiPath AP 1120 S (SIP Analog Terminal Adapter)

Add-on devices

Entrance telephone via ET-S adapter

Infrastructure components

LAN switch with or without Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Routers (e.g., DSL router, VPN router)
VPN Client (tested with Microsoft Standard Client and NCP Client)
UPS (uninterrupted power supply unit)

Technical Data

Installation variants:

  • As a standalone unit (desktop operation) or 19″ rack mount; space requirements in 19″ rack for a system box = 1.5 rack units.
  • Standalone communication system with max. 3 system boxes (multibox system).


  • Max. 150 stations, of which 148 are freely configurable.
  • Max. 50 stations per system box.

Gateway modules:

3 slots per system box for the use of various gateway modules.

Optional Gateway Modules:

  • GMS (not for U.S. and Canada) = Gateway module with four S0 ports for the ISDN trunk connection or the ISDN station connection
  • GMSA (not for U.S. and Canada) = Gateway module with four S0 ports for the ISDN trunk connection or ISDN station connection and four a/b interfaces for the analog station connection.
  • GME (not for U.S. and Canada) = Gateway module with one S2M port for the ISDN Primary Rate Interface.
  • GMT (for U.S. and Canada only) = Gateway module with one T1 interface for the ISDN Primary Rate Interface.
  • GMAA (not for New Zealand) = Gateway module with four a/b interfaces for the analog trunk connection and two a/b interfaces for the analog station connection.
  • GMAL = Gateway module with eight a/b interfaces for the analog station connection.

Standard interfaces (motherboard):
One motherboard per system box with powerful AMD Sempron CPU and 1 GB memory.
Standard interfaces:

  • 4 Gigabit LAN ports, internal.
  • 1 Gigabit DMZ port.
  • 1 Gigabit WAN port, external (e.g., for Internet access).
  • 1 USB server.
  • 1 USB Control.

Operating System: Linux.
IP networking: Up to four communication systems in a network.
Internet connection:

  • Max. 1 Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Four Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP).
  • See also Collaboration with VoIP Providers.

Electromagnetic and Radio-Frequency Interference (EMV Classes):

  • Class B (EN 55022) for the international market
  • Class A (EN 55022) only for the U.S. and Canada (Class A equipment can cause radio frequency interference in residential areas.) In such cases, the provider of the communication system can be requested to take appropriate counteractive measures.

Dimensions (mm):

  • Width = 440 mm, Height: 66.5 mm (3.36 in), Depth = 350 mm.

Power supply unit : The communication system is equipped for connection to the power supply.

  • Nominal input voltage: 110V to 240V, with a tolerance of (+/-10%) -> 99V to 264V.
  • Nominal frequency: 50/60 Hz.

Current draw: Max. 4A at 99V.
Power consumption: Max. 250 W per HiPath OpenOffice ME system box.
Battery buffering: UPS for 110V to 240V, capacity: 4 Ah (at 110V) * desired hours; a UPS interface as with a PC is not present.
Environmental Conditions: Operating conditions: +5 to +40 °C (41 to 104 °F). Humidity: 5 to 85%.
Color: Metallic blue / Silver front.

Preconditions and Restrictions

Operating Systems for OpenScape Office
OpenScape Office is supported for the Windows operating systems, i.e., Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. In addition, Java 6.x (1.6) must be installed.
Microsoft Outlook Versions for Outlook Plugin
The Outlook Plugin runs under the following Microsoft Outlook versions:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2002 (only Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 (only Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista)

Browsers for HiPath OpenOffice Assistant
HiPath OpenOffice Assistant runs under the following Browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6 (only Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7 (only Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista)
  • Firefox (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Linux)

In addition, Java 6.x (1.6) must be installed.
Project-Specific Releases and Restrictions

  • optiClient 130 under Windows Vista

optiClient 130 is currently not yet released for Windows Vista. Please also refer to the release notice for HiPath OpenOffice ME.

  • Terminal server operation

Outlook Plugin (without fax functionality) will be released for terminal server operation on a project-specific basis.

  • Teledata Office

Until its official release, TeleData Office V4 is to be released on a project-specific basis. Please also refer to the appropriate release information.

Information about installation and start-up

Installing the Hardware and Setting up the System
HiPath OpenOffice ME is delivered from the factory with standard software that needs to be upgraded to the latest software version within the framework of setting up the system.
The cable length for combining individual system boxes into a multi-box system must not exceed a maximum of 100 meters. The individual systems must not be interconnected via a switch or a hub.
Notes on the Client Environment
The Browser Firefox V3.x is released separately. Please read the Release Notice for details.
“Intrusion Detection” must be disabled by default.
A new maximum value (30 days) was defined for the logging of calls in the Call Journal.
New maximum values were defined for the retention periods for voice and Fax messages (Inbox=60 days, Played=30 days, Saved=365 days, Deleted=30 days).
OpenScape Office (myPortal, Outlook Plugin and myAttendant) only work under a 32-bit operating system.
The user needs local administrator rights to install Outlook Plugin, myAttendant and the HiPath OpenOffice Fax Printer for the first time.
Features and Functions
From a networking standpoint, the administration of HiPath OpenOffice Assistant must be performed individually for each node. No network-wide administration is possible.
Each OpenScape Office instance always runs locally on one node. Consequently, no network-wide Presence status or Unified Messaging is possible.
Specific notes on the country-specific configurations for OpenScape Office can be found in the Release Notice.
When connecting an S0 Fax Server, note that all S0 trunks of the S0 Fax Server must always be connected to the same GMS(A) module.
Fax (analog) transmissions are currently not supported with Internet Telephony (SIP Provider).
Connecting Third-Party Applications
When using TAPI 170 V2 R1 (P30152-P1264-P1-2), an additional CSTA license for HiPath OpenOffice ME must also be procured.
When migrating from HiPath 2000/3000 with HiPath TAPI 170 to HiPath OpenOffice ME V1 with TAPI 170, it should be noted that HiPath OpenOffice ME always transmits the route prefix for incoming calls. This can lead to problems with caller identification if the connected application does not take the dialing prefix into account. The behavior of the application should therefore be clarified before the migration.
For details on the release of the Callbridge Collection to OpenStage, please see the appropriate Sales Release.

Recommended and Certified Applications

Supplied application for the standard evaluation of accounting data.
TeleData Office V4
Professional cost management for voice and data communication

  • User-friendly PC-based analysis of call charges:

for all communication services such as telephone, fax, Internet (the Fax service will be released separately in a future minor release)

  • Evaluations possible based on extensions, trunks or departments


PDF Available for download:

pdf HiPath OpenOffice ME V1[1].0, Data Sheet, Issue 1