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HiPath 1100

HiPath 1100 is the convenient communication for small and medium-sized companies. The system family is manufactured by Siemens for the specialized reseller. It rounds up the large HiPath family for the analog end of the market.


HiPath 1100 family is the high-performance Phone family, made up of three systems, for companies with up to 140 users. With ADSL broadband access, HiPath 1100 offers tomorrow’s communication technology. Integrated options, such as CLIP analog, make your communication even more flexible. And HiPath 1100 is an especially cost-effective communications solution, not only in terms of purchase price, but also for installation and operation. It is especially simple to install and administer with the Windows Service Tool. Applications are straightforward to connect via the integrated USB and V24 connection. And if your requirements change? No problem – with HiPath 1100 you can change up to ISDN at a later date. And HiPath 1100 phone systems always fit. The various models meet your requirements – from 16 to 140 users with between 6 and 32 lines. HiPath 1100 – the smart phone system for demanding customers.

HiPath 1100 family in Release 7.0 makes entry into the professional OpenStage T world possible. The analog ports provide the usual services offered in this segment together with call number and name display for no extra costs with standard telephones.

HiPath 1100 family is supplied with a comprehensive software package. In addition to a setup assistant, the installation and administration tool HiPath 1100 family Manager features a graphical LCR tool. A user-friendly call charge manager and a complete software suite for internet access, fax and telephone support are also supplied.

Starting with a basic system HiPath 1120 with 2 CO and 8 a/b ports, up to a maximum of 6/16 analoge extensions or 4/20 in case of mix of analoge and digital Option. Followed by the HiPath 1150 Basic System with 2 CO and 10 a/b ports up to 10/50 analoge or 32/40 with digital Trunks as DIU CAS and several more configurations. Finally ended by the HiPath 1190 model, which supports up to 140 extensions.


Configurations of HiPath 1100 family




Basic capacity

Trunk 2 2 – –
Extension 8 10 – –


2 4 20

Maximum capacity

Trunk 6 10 / 16 / 32 [1] 32 / 45 [1]
Extension 16 50 / 40 / 46 140 / 140

System Phones

Profiset 3030 4 8 24

Digital Phones

OpenStage T
or optiPoint 500
4 (master)
+ 4 (slave)
8 (master)
+ 8 (slave)
8 (master)
+ 8 (slave)

Option Boards 
using one Slot each

ISDN [2] 1x #2 1x #5 2x #5
ADSL 1 1 1
UP0/E [2] 1x #4 1x #8 or 2x #4 1x #8 or 2x #4
TME1 / TMS1 – – 1 2
CDB16 – – – – 1

Option Baby Boards 
or small Slot

EVM 1 1 1
MOHAS 1 – – – –

Expansion Boards

Trunk & Extensions EB204 [2] EB206, EB210 EB206, EB210
Trunk only – – EB400, EB800 EB400, EB800
Extension only – – EB010, EB012 EB010, EB012
Marketing Highlights

Cost optimized flexible system for small enterprises
Integrated powerful voice mail system
extension of subscriber lines in steps (4 / 6 / 10 / 12)
mix of low price analogue telephones and high feature digital devices
easy to install and administration with Windows Manager Tool
Comfortable Telephony in high Quality
Easy to-use- devices with interactive User Interface
Comprehensive Feature Set with TAPI / CAPI for CTI solutions
Included SW-Package for Internet Access, Fax Communication and Cost Management
Support of analogue devices with call cost indication, call number signaling
Optional Enhancements
External SIP or GSM gateways, selected by system call control
CTI clients using TAPI software
Sensor / Relay module for alarm and control tasks
Door sets for convenient door ringing; -talking and -opening


Analog phones

1. Profiset 3030 System Phones

Any of the optiPoint with Display may also be used as System Phone – Option UP0/E required.

  • Profiset 3030 mangan
  • Profiset 3030 arctic

2. Profiset 3000 family

Only for Latin America.

  • Profiset 3005
  • Profiset 3010
  • Profiset 3015
  • Profiset 3020
  • Profiset 3025

3. euroset 5000 family

Outside of Latin America.

  • euroset 5005
  • euroset 5015
  • euroset 5030

4. Digital phones and modules

  • OpenStage 15 T
  • OpenStage 30 T
  • optiPoint 500 entry
  • optiPoint 500 economy
  • optiPoint 500 basic
  • optiPoint 500 standard
  • optiPoint 500 advance
  • optiPoint application module
  • optiPoint key module

Basic voice features
Access category for night service
Alarm announcement
Association of caller number with HiPath 1100 speed dial name
Auto attendant with announcement
Auto hands free activation and deactivation on key sets
Automatic flash time detection
Baby phone/paging with ext. access
Call back – on busy and no answer
Call barring with country default
Caller list
Call forwarding: internal/external (conditional)
Call hold/park
Call group (default 1st 10 extension)
Call pickup: group/selective
Call Timer for limited conversation
CLIP info in each ext. CLIP phone
CTI protocol via V.24/USB and Interface upgrade
Consultation with attendant console
DISA Direct inward dialing
Do not disturb
DTMF suffix dialing
Electronic lock
Emergency call
Event signaling (fax, printer)
External dialing restriction
External call diversion
Extension name display
Fax Gr. 3&4 Software and FAX/DID integrated
Flash on trunk
Hunt group (linear/cyclic)
Music on hold (wave file loadable)
MW on each CLIP device
Night service
Number redial
Remote programming
Programmable keys
Sensor/relay features (1120 only)
Special COS for locked Station
Speed dial central (90 x 30 long)
Secretarial service (associated call)
UCD statistical software
Wake-up call
VMIe – extended Voice Mail Interface
Administration features
Administration over ISDN/ADSL/USB/V24
Automatic In-Service of all extensions
Automatic Remote Software Update
Connected Phone recognition and report
D-Channel Tracing
MIDI file playback for Music on Hold
Remote administration with password
Compatible with OS Microsoft Vista and XP
Optional with EVM module
Integrated VoiceMail
Automated Attendant
up to 24 individual mailboxes
up to 2 hours of recording capacity
Optional with MOHAS module (1120)
external music-on-hold (CD)
relay for switching with acknowledge (actor)
sensors for registration of NC/NO contact
Optional ISDN features
AOC Call Charge
CCBS Call Complete to Busy Subscriber
CFB Call Forward Busy
CFNR Call Forward no reply
CFU Call Forward Unconditional
CLIP Calling Line Identity Presentation
CLIR Calling Line Identity Restriction
COLP Connected Line Presentation
COLR Connected Line Restriction
DID Direct Inward Dialing
MSN Multiple Subscriber Numbering
PMP Point to Multipoint
PP Point to Point
S0 trunk lines supporting S0 bus
New and additional features V7.0
Administration of extension names
Basic ADSL Board with 4-Port Hub with SNMP functions (2 types HiPath 1120 & HiPath 1150/90)
Basic ADSL Board with standard Efficient Modem as baby board
Caller List for group call
Calling party number transmission during call forward
Common Hold
Door call with Day and Night rules
Door opener functionality improved
Direct function key with LED for Call/Hunting Groups (DSS)
GSM/SIP box support with LCR in an ISDN trunk
8 Party Conference (HW activated by Software)
CDR (call charge with export function)
Graphical LCR prog. tool (via Manager


Small Hotel applications
Checkin / checkout by reception phone
PC software for room status and call charges
TAPI driver included in delivery


Many documents in various languages are available for HiPath 1100. As there are:

Administration manuals
User manuals

PDF Available for download:

pdf ServiceManual_S100en