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HiPath 1200

HiPath 1200 is the small ISDN communications system manufactured by Siemens for the specialized reseller. It rounds up the large HiPath family for the lower end of the market.


HiPath 1220 is a convenient telephone system with digital trunk lines (ISDN). The basic configuration contains 2 digital and 4 analog user interfaces and is extendable with digital and/or analog devices. Subscriber modules for 2 analog or digital devices each can be connected as required to the 4 free slots. Alternatively, up to 4 S0 cards or 1 relay module can be connected. The integrated voice mail rounds out the HiPath 1220 as a professional telephone system.

HiPath 1220 makes entry into the professional optiPoint 500 world possible at a very reasonable price. With its flexible modular structure HiPath 1220 is the ideal basis for offers tailored to suit the needs of the customer. The analog ports provide the usual services offered in this segment together with call number and name display for inexpensive configurations with standard telephones.

HiPath 1220 is supplied with a comprehensive software package. In addition to a setup assistant, the installation and administration tool HiPath 1220 Manager features a graphical LCR tool. A user-friendly call charge manager and a complete software suite for internet access, fax and telephone support are also supplied.

Integrated sockets for the entire basic system, configuration that is almost entirely auto-matic and configuration software that can be used intuitively ensure that the HiPath 1220 V1.2 system can be set up and installed very quickly.

Starting with a basic system with 2 S0 and 4 a/b ports, HiPath 1220 can be expanded in small stages of two at a time up to a configuration of 12 analog telephones or up to 8 op-tiPoint 500 (16 with phone adapter) plus 6 analog telephones. Configurations with analog telephones and optiPoint 500 can also be combined as required. In addition, a sensor or relay module is available for alerting and control tasks, which also has an input for external music sources or announcements.


Interfaces to PSTN

  • 2 x ISDN (ISDN countries)

Basic configuration user

  • 4 x analogue
  • 2 x digital

Extension with S0 interfaces

  • 4 x 1 S0 (trunk or S0 bus)

Extension user (pure or mix)

  • 4 x 2 analogue or
  • 3 x 2 digital
  • 2 x Relay, 2 x Sensor, access to music source

USB interface
Integrated voice mail (EVM – Entry Voice Mail) included in delivery

Marketing Highlights

Cost optimized flexible system for small enterprises
Integrated powerful voice mail system
extension of subscriber lines in small steps by
mix of low price analogue telephones and high feature digital devices (HiPath 1220)
easy to install and administration with SW tool
Comfortable Telephony in high Quality
Easy to-use- devices with interactive User Interface (HiPath 1220)
Comprehensive Feature Set with TAPI / CAPI for professional interconnection to PC
Included SW-Package for Internet Access, Fax Communication and Cost Management
Support of analogue devices with call cost indication, call number signalling
Optional Enhancements
External SIP or GSM gateways, selected by system call control
CTI clients using TAPI software
Sensor / Relay module for alarm and control tasks
Door sets for convenient door ringing; -talking and -opening


Many documents in various languages are available for HiPath 1200. As there are:

  • Featuredescriptions
  • Datasheets
  • Administration manuals
  • User manuals

The documents can be obtained from following sources:

  • System CD

PDF Available for download:

pdf Configuration_TAPI